Multinational Financial Management 9th Edition, Alan C. Shapiro PDF Download Ebook

This is a good book for the medium-advanced student in finance – and definitely a good refresher for the practitioners of the international commercial finance. As other reviewers pointed out, might be a little shallow too, but the amount and the element of the study situations helps for certain. A “must have” for the finance managers in multinationals. For more details the review can be read by you on the investing blog at doitinvest.

This is a good book and very useful for individuals who work in fund or management in a multinational environment. The written book was in excellent condition. I bought it completely new. It was packaged in a real way so as to keep it looking new. This book was prescribed and part of the course I took in MBA program.

Love the publication, its very interesting. I used this publication for the first and last time in Autumn term 2006 with 28 foreign students in my own Global Finance MBA course. When one desires to make money by regularly reissuing new editions he has an obligation to revise it at least minimally, (The Paul Samuelson Rule).

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In this case Greed is bad. The publication also suffers from wordiness. I did so like the main element phrases section in each chapter; I thought at least that all key phrases would be contained in the glossary but I possibly could find all there. There is a certain obtuseness which I did find perplexed my students sometimes, who did not enjoy this publication as I had formed hoped quite.

We would not utilize it again. I tried to contact the author by email with several questions but did not experience the courtesy of a reply. This is one of the better books for a course in international finance. It has cases in the written text, which allows the learning pupil to get the real world intuition of the topics that are being protected. This isn’t a text that only extends capital budgeting to an international setting, it also includes some concepts borrowed from international economics (e.g. purchasing power parity, interest parity, protected interest arbitrage, etc.).

It also looks into some risk management practices that are relevant for multinational corporations. However, Personally i think that some topics might have been cut short and the author just wished to put in a few (hundred) more web pages to the text. The publication “Multinational Financial Management” is an excellent introduction to this rather complex subject. It is written well possesses a complete lot of illustrations and historical personal references.