Easy Way To Change Multiple Ads On Your Google AdWords Campaign 2

Easy Way To Change Multiple Ads On Your Google AdWords Campaign

If you have a Google Adwords Campaign, you may find it a difficult and time-consuming job, changing some or all your ads. Google has provided ways to do this simply and quickly with the Adwords Editor. Well, maybe not so SIMPLY! This is a detail by detail approach to changing some or all your Ads efficiently. Included are a couple of tips that I’ve found along the way as well. If you are new Especially, this is crucial READ! Perhaps you have ever spent hours, changing the ads on your Google Adwords account individually?

Here will be the directions to a Google tool that is free and can save you hours of work and lots of frustration. Congratulations, you have a Google Adwords account. You might have multiple Ad Groups and each Group may have multiple Ads. Do you realize you can change all your Ad Group Ads at onetime?

Many do not know about this or they are not sure how to use the AdWords Editor. I shall show you, step by step, how to use the editor. This changes all or one of the ads on your account easily. The first rung on the ladder is to the Google AdWords Editor to your computer download. You’ll find the Editor on Google search or in your account.

Once this is completed, open up the Editor on your computer. You might have to use your search container to find it or you may find it in your Programs file. It generally does not install a shortcut icon automatically. In the left hand corner, you will notice the “file” dropdown box.

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Click on “open accounts” Click there and a Pop up box can look asking you include Acount. Click there and add the true name of your account. Once it has completed you should “Get recent changes” This is in the top left hand corner of the Editor box.

It has a blue arrow pointing down, you can’t miss it. Click on this package to update the Editor before you make any changes. This will make sure you are making changes for all of your Ad Groups. You won’t automatically upgrade your changes. In the center of the page, you will notice a column that has five boxes in it.

Keywords, Placements, Negatives, Ads, Ad Groups, Campaigns. This is where you can create multiple changes to your marketing campaign. We are dealing only with ad changes here. I have written additional articles that contain shortcuts and tips to release your time as well. Click on the “Ads” box. This will screen your current ads.