What Are Your Thoughts On The Real Name Belle? 2

What Are Your Thoughts On The Real Name Belle?

What are your thoughts on the name Belle? It’s been growing on me recently, therefore I fancy some opinions. I really like the name Elle, and virtually all names that incorporate it, such as this one. And it’s really a part of one of my favorite brands – Annabelle. I love the name Belle.

Its what i wanted to name my last girl.Well i wish to use it as a middle name Aurora Belle. However, some complications were had by me during the birth and was on some pain killers. When we did her Birth cert my husband, my husband decided that her middle name should be Lillianna.

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My resistance was low, everything sounded fine. But when I healed and was no more under the influence I was heart broken. It is Ok though she’s my lil Aurora Belle that what she actually is called by me. And its great naming after a Disney princess, we do a lot of sleeping Beauty, and Beauty and the beast, decorating and toys.

They make a great nursery, and toddler, and preschool room And since she’s named after a princess she’s convinced she is a princess.|||It’s been growing on everyone recently. Along with Bella, Isabella and all its friends. Amazing what hearing something constantly due to a hit novel/movie will do for a name. I wouldn’t go near it for the next decade or so.|||Oh, It is loved by me. I believe it’s classy, and beautiful but soft, sweet, and feminine. They have everything that I look for in a lady name.

And, of course, it also has a wonderful meaning of “beauty.”|||I truly love the name Belle! I have it on my list as Lilja Belle. Lilja is said as LEEL-ya. I believe it sounds more elegant than Bella somehow. It’s a BEAUTIFUL name! I absolutely love it now! And the true name Bella too. Gorgeous|||I believe the name Belle is lovely I also enjoy Bella.|||I believe it’s pretty, but I’d only use it as a nickname. It doesn’t seem “full” or.Complete. But it is pretty! Is it pronounced Bell or like Belly? I love Bell|||It creates me think of prostitutes. It’s a good name.

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