WebFOCUS: January 2019 2

WebFOCUS: January 2019

Summit 2010 will be taking place at the Gaylord Palms in Kissimmee, Florida. As of this event, Information Builders will roll out WebFOCUS 8, the latest release of their Business Intelligence software product. If you want to see examples of last year’s presentations, see my previous blog. Also, Partner Intelligence will present with a federal government agency to demonstrate how we computerized the conversion of their mainframe batch processes from using the legacy FOCUS product to WebFOCUS. It’s amazing — hundreds of reporting jobs were literally converted in just seconds. If you’re thinking about transforming mainframe FOCUS to WebFOCUS manually, you need to see our presentation before you waste any of your company’s money and time.

If you utilize legacy 4GLs (FOCUS, RAMIS, NOMAD), QMF/SQL, DYL280, Crystal Reports, or other old reporting tools, observe how Partner Intelligence can leverage your existing program ventures by translating into modern technology. During the demonstration, we shall describe our DAPPER Methodology for automating the retirement of your legacy reporting tools. We will highlight the tools we use to scan automatically, discover, and inventory your existing applications, reducing your in advance analysis time and cost dramatically. Then, we will show the automated conversion tools to translate legacy reporting applications into web-based BI without manual coding effects needed. Nowhere else do you want to will get enough time and cost benefits you will achieve from dealing with Partner Intelligence. Manual BI conversions are an ordinary thing of the past, only proposed by services companies who want to provide you with a united team of consultants for long, expensive engagements.

Combined with the meeting deductions (discussed below), there is absolutely no good reason never to stay educated in your field. Owning a small business that needs to travel is something many people dream of, and small business owners often get to realize that dream. Since travel can be essential for business success and expansion, lots of the expenses are completely tax deductible.

Our tax tip on travel is to create off expenses like airfare, hotel fees, car mileage, and rental, and travel expenses like laundry costs. Food is deductible up to 50%, probably because the government statistics you’ll have to eat whether you were journeying or not. Feel absolve to take your family with you, but only the expenses for you, and only those that are business-related, can be deducted.

If you’re taking clients out for a meal, those costs are 50% deductible, just make sure to write on the bill/receipt the good reason for the meal. For instance, “investment ending up in Jane Doe from Doe Enterprises.” This helps it be easier that you can keep tabs and easier for just about any auditors that happen upon your files.

  • What kind of systems do you follow to know the market tendencies in cupcake business
  • Focus on potential customers
  • Features, price, and promotion should be examined in comparison to major rivals
  • Enable us to serve our existing customers with lower costs
  • Take their purchases, determine charges, and process obligations and billing
  • Most large firms use specific costs of capital to judge all projects
  • Display it on a Powerpoint glide

While nobody wants an audit, if one will come your way, the more ready you are, the less unpleasant the experience shall be. Conference fees are deductible as long as the conference is directly useful for your business. If it’s a conference related to your industry or will help you run your business more smoothly, then it qualifies probably. If the reason for going is to earn money privately, then it’s not as impactful to your business, and it is not as likely to qualify.

And of course, lover conventions and other entertainment-based occasions do not depend, even if there are lectures. Entertainment such as carnivals, tourist attractions, and the like are not deductible. You will surely combine business and pleasure, just don’t are the pleasure expenses in your deductions. If you’re taking a business-related purpose, you may be able to write off the expense, but sometimes it’s safer merely to call a good time for a great time and save the write-offs for less ambiguous projects. As with finances always, especially taxes, it’s important to keep the receipts and information regarding the explanation for purchases.