What Caused THE FANTASTIC Depression In 1929?

What is Great Depression? The word “great melancholy” signifies the global financial problems that was induced by the collapse of the Stock Exchange on Wall Street in New York in October 1929 and continued through the thirties. The causes of the crisis are extensive. The wide availability of capital allowed the U.S.

1925 and 1929, specifically to European countries, which Germany was the primary beneficiary, dealing with the crisis of the postwar period quickly. All of this has contributed to the development of another contraction in the credit market. The sale of shares increased and in October 23, 1929, more than six million shares were exchanged at ever lower prices.

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The following day, called the “Black Thursday” , they traded more than dual. Over 9000 banking institutions failed at that time. Because the deposits were not insured, people lost all the savings. And the surviving banks ended giving loans because of the concern with further crisis. Due to the currency markets crash, people feared further problems and stopped buying what to save money. This lead to decrease in workforce and unemployment.

This further led to failure to pay installments for the already bought products and the things were repossessed. This law was enacted by U. In June 1930 S authorities to protect American companies. The Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act goal was to increase U.S. It increased the import fees by 55% which lead to less trade between America and foreign countries.

The effects of the Depression in the U.S. The Great Depression got significant consequences for the U.S. Unemployment has risen to 12 million people Many farmers proceeded to go bankrupt. Italy initiated the establishment of fascism and other Europe also were significantly affected by this global crisis. As a result, it can be said that the fantastic Depression, which started in the United States, has led to the next World War, the full total results which everybody knows. The term ‘Dust Bowl’ identifies some storms that hit the United States and central Canada between 1931 and 1939 caused by decades of inappropriate farming techniques and insufficient crop rotation.

Thus the farmers were compelled to sell their lands with no profit catalyzed the fantastic depression. The results of the Depression in the U.S. THE FANTASTIC Depression acquired significant effects for the U.S. Unemployment has increased to 12 million people Many farmers proceeded to go bankrupt. Italy initiated the establishment of fascism and other European countries also were significantly suffering from this global crisis. As a result, it could be said that the Great Depression, which started in the United States, has resulted in the next World War, the results of which we all know. Among my favorites. Could it again happen? Twentieth Century HistoryWhat caused the collapse of the Weimar Republic? MicroeconomicsIs Economics a Research or an creative artwork?

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