How Viruses CAN GET ON A Computer 2

How Viruses CAN GET ON A Computer

Understanding how computer systems get infected by viruses and other malware is key to preserving computer security. Learn how computer security gets affected in the next few paragraphs. Recently a computer security expert stated that the only path to keep a computer 100% safe was to never turn it on.

It turns out this inaccurate and a little misleading. A computer used exclusively to type up and print documents, never connected to the Internet and that received files transferred from some other computer never could in fact be considered a useful 100% secure computer system. This brings us to the two main ways infections and other malware get on a computer: through a network like the Internet and file transfers from other computer systems. Users want to add computers to the web and receive emails, instant text messages; browse webpages, download music and fun software etc. The problem is that this puts not millions but billions of people at their doorstep just!

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Imagine that if billions of people could reach a home instantly – how many ill intentioned people would come by to see if the windows and doors were secured? How many people would knock on the entranceway? An Internet connected computer is in just that predicament. Whenever a computer is connected to a network by design it starts listening for communications from the exterior world.

Things known as ports get created which are special “doorways” to the computer. These doorways are special because they each have a specified program that will answer the door if it’s knocked on. Even the operating system itself opens slots to share documents or anything or printing device else using the PC.

Each of these programs creates a “door” to some type of computer that it’ll answer if someone “knocks” on it. If that program is badly designed then when it answers the “knocking” program could take benefit of it and thus bargain the computer. Furthermore to people having the ability to come across the Internet and knock on one of the “doorways” mentioned above – by utilizing a browser and surfing the web users are appealing people to gain access to their computers.

Every time a website is browsed the net browser is downloading it documents to the computer and control them. If that browser is not programmed properly it is an enormous security risk. For instance on December 12 of 2008 Microsoft reported a large security hole in every version of its WEB BROWSER.