Why Strength Training Will Come At THE TROUBLE Of Stamina Muscles 2

Why Strength Training Will Come At THE TROUBLE Of Stamina Muscles

Fitness night clubs are flourishing: New gyms are springing up like mushrooms. Increasing numbers of people are striving to develop and improve their muscles. But what goes on in the muscle during training exactly? Within their recent work, Prof. Christoph Handschin’s research group at the Biozentrum, University of Basel, has more closely studied power muscles and the cytokine-brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which play an important role in the forming of strength muscle fibers.

Handschin’s team has confirmed that factor is produced by the muscle itself and remodels the neuromuscular synapses, the neuronal junctions between your motor muscle and neurons. BDNF not only causes the strength muscles to build up but at the same time leads to the endurance muscle fiber number declines. Generally, it is differentiated between two types of muscle, with respect to the type of fibers they are made of: There will be the slow-twitch materials for endurance muscles, which are produced mainly during stamina sports. Marathon runners exercise this type of muscle primarily. A good deal less well studied is the second form of muscle comprising fast-twitch fibers.

These power muscles gain in quantity during strength training and provide considerable muscular power. Christoph Handschin’s team have now studied the hormone-like neurotransmitter from the cytokine family in the mouse model. Myokines are released by the muscle during contraction. This remodeling of the neuromuscular synapses during weight training results in the body developing more muscle power materials.

Handschin. This makes BDNF one factor shown to be produced by the muscle itself and also to influence the kind of muscle fibers formed. The new knowledge gained about the cytokine BDNF also offers a possible explanation for the decrease in endurance musculature seen as a result of weight training. This correlation is already being considered in the training plan for powerful sports. Particularly in sporting disciplines such as rowing, which are geared towards endurance and strength, the muscle remodeling must be considered. Moreover, in a follow-up research, the research group showed that in muscle missing BDNF the age-related drop in muscle tissue and function is reduced.

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