2 Obscure Ways You Can Create Writing Samples From Scratch 2

2 Obscure Ways You Can Create Writing Samples From Scratch

Raise your hands if you’re a journalist and any writing collection parts you have are in print? You intend to change or moonlight as a freelance article writer, but you have no proof that you can even write online. You’re stuck and have no clue how to proceed, while you have years of reporting background or experience writing news stories for your neighborhood newspaper.

This tale isn’t uncommon. I’ve learned there are many talented journalists with considerable backgrounds and training, but have no way of displaying this online. What now ? in this case? There are many traditional ways new freelance writers create samples for his or her freelance writing portfolio. But, even though they will be the standard, they aren’t the best approach if you’re a journalist always.

One of the easiest ways to secure writing examples for your freelance writing stock portfolio is to just create blogs on your article writer website. You are able to create sample pieces of content you want to get paid to create about. For example, if you would like to create and get paid for career topics, create a few blogs for the reason that specific niche market then. What’s great about this is, once you publish your posts, you have a web link for your portfolio page.

But, imagine if you don’t have a blog or a writer website even? You’re a journalist and want to break right into online writing, but without a website or a blog this is a bit more difficult than you originally thought. By far, the best way to build your portfolio is by guest posting.

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You not only get a web link for your freelance writing profile, nevertheless, you also get your name out there (and it’s on someone else blog!). It’s a great online marketing strategy since you get an author bio at the final end of your post. This assists you land clients, or at the minimum, get prospects back again to your site or your freelance writing portfolio page – if you have it on a free portfolio platforms such as Contently or Pinterest.

But, visitor publishing may take a complete lot of time out of your plan. And when you decide to do land a guest post, most weblogs have a long wait time from the time you submit your post to the actual publication date. This can span from 2-6 weeks anywhere. But, you need samples now. You want to pitch and also to pitch you will need sample posts showing prospects it is possible to write.