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In his old age, Deming trained many concepts, which he emphasized by key sayings or quotations that he repeated, even though some of the ideas appear to be contradictory to one another. · “There is absolutely no substitute for knowledge.” This declaration emphasizes the necessity to know more, about everything in the system.

Previously, the declaration, “There is absolutely no substitute for hard work” by Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) was the byword of the industry. Deming suggested that instead, a small amount of knowledge could save many hours of effort. · “The main things can’t be measured.” The pressing issues that are most significant, long term, can’t be measured in advance.

However, they may be among the factors a firm is measuring, not realized because so many important at that time. · “The most important things are unknown or unknowable.” The factors which have the best impact, long term, can be quite surprising. Analogous for an earthquake that disrupts service, other “earth-shattering” events that most affect an organization will be unknown or unknowable, beforehand. Other examples of important things would be a drastic change in technology, or new investment capital.

What is a system? Something is a network of interdependent components that work together to try to accomplish the aim of the system. A functional system will need to have an aim. Without an aim, there is no system. The aim of the operational system must be clear to everyone in the machine.

The purpose must include programs for the future. The aim is a value view. To react to the many changes that tremble the world effectively, transformation into a fresh design of management is necessary. The route to take is exactly what I call deep knowledge-knowledge for command of transformation. I think that individuals here expect miracles.

American management considers that they can just duplicate from Japan-but they don’t really know very well what to duplicate! Knowledge is theory. We ought to be thankful if the action of management is dependent on theory. Knowledge has temporal spread. Information is not knowledge. The global world is drowning in information but is sluggish in the acquisition of knowledge.

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Government and company investment in proper training / apprenticeships for a new generation of construction workers – fight for another for young people. Is inadequate from that perspective. “All Immigrant labor to be unionized”, could be considered discriminatory. After all, we do not demand that native workers are unionized. We seek to unionize them, to persuade them of the necessity to join a trade union, but there is no closed shop. The demand, “Build links with structure trade unions on the continent.” Is supportable, but insufficient.

But, those are the needs which in what of the Communist manifesto represent the passions of the motion tomorrow in the motion today. Unless we can start to address employees’ immediate concerns everything that is pie in the sky Utopian system mongering. Here and now, we need solutions that may be accomplished with this own resources without recourse to the bourgeois condition, or to the bosses. We need to mobilize our very own resources to establish employees co-operative to provide useful work. Workers have begun to rise from their knees after a long period of depression. That arousal of self-confidence needs to be developed in a program of workers’ self-activity, not diverted on to the old statist solutions of blaming the nationwide federal government, and then demanding it acts in employees’ interests.

There is no competition there. They would like to protect the asset these were given just, and if the footwear was on the other foot would you blame them? Bottom line, Williams, and the ones like him, who fancy themselves as Newfoundland and Labrador’s savior, did more damage to this province than any Frenchman ever do.