Emirates First Class San Francisco To Dubai 2

Emirates First Class San Francisco To Dubai

I journey this air travel with my partner April 2015. I was very thrilled to try out this HIGH GRADE product too. BOM. We came to the SFO lounge early. The lounge is distributed to Business Class. It really is clean, new, and the meals selection was good. The wines were OK but not fantastic. With the A380, the trip did not panel from the lounge since the boarding gate didn’t allow this.

We needed to exit the lounge and go directly to the close by gate. Upon entering the cabin, I was excited and a little overwhelmed by the inside design color system. I prefer the First cabin on Cathay Pacific actually. We were escorted to your seat by an extremely friendly flight attendant.

We were offered champagne but Dom Perignon had not been available until after takeoff. We were also offered schedules and Arabic espresso. The flight attendant crew were very attentive and helpful. We were asked whenever we wanted to take our shower. We elected within the last 1.5 hours of the trip. Nothing better than landing refreshed. I agree with the assessment of the review about the meals. I thought the food was not performed well.

Arabic mezze were horrible. I really like Middle Eastern/Mediterranean cuisines, but the kibbeh were not done well and the majority of the dips (hummus, etc) weren’t very delicious. Food on Cathay gets much better ratings from me. The meals on this trip was the weakest point of the complete service. The wines, on the other hands, were a different story. They did a congrats with their wine selection as well as their spirits. I made a decision to do a wine tasty of the many wines and the trip attendants were prepared to accommodate.

Two thumbs through to this. The Business lounge behind the aircraft is kind of a fun idea. We ended up speaking to some individuals on in the lounge. Can be a place to socialize Definitely. The amenity products are good and the pajamas are comfortable definitely. The in-flight shower is great to feel refreshed by the end of the trip just. The food on the ground in both SFO and DXB were much better than the inflight cuisine. I must say the First lounge food in DXB was exceptional.

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The wines in the lounge were also tasty and worthy of getting there a little early to take pleasure from. They have at least two First lounges in DXB. I believe this is in Concourse A. It probably could support several hundred people but we were the only two within comfortably. It had it’s own duty free shopping, dining area, and bars. We preferred the smaller lounge in Concourse B actually. The entrance is just across from the Business class lounge.

We got a therapeutic massage, shower, and then dined while there. Food in this lounge was good outrageously. Superior to the in-flight selection. October We will be soaring Emirates First again this coming. We will stay in the lounge on the bond to enjoy the amenities. A thumbs-up for this High grade product Overall.

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