Our Country Is An Agricultural Country

Our country can be an agricultural country. The majority of its inhabitants lives in rural areas. Many NGOs and public welfare organizations are engaged to educate the rural people. Radio may be used to bring a big change in these respects. Modern ideas can be provided to people through radio. A lot of the programmes are transmit in regional vocabulary.

It is simple to understand even for uneducated people. Instead of difficult financial terminology, it is utilized easy vocabulary to communicate large numbers of people. Radio has to play an important role to motivate people for Capital Accumulation. It is necessary to invest money for economic development of a national country.

News of currency markets are broadcast daily. Profit of shares and other benefits are informed to encourage people for investment. In addition to these news, special programmes are prepared to stimulate people to invest their money in banks, profit techniques financial organizations. If all residents pay their taxes, the financial condition of country can better become. People are realized through Radio that tax paying is their duty.

These taxes are allocated to welfare projects. Many individuals who are engaged in agriculture, of the year do work only in some specific time period. Radio guides people how they may make money by utilizing their spare me. Educational programmes come with an important put in place broadcasting. It is necessary for financial development to educate the social people.

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The more the literate people are present in the culture, the greater this country will gain development. Radio is one of the fastest method of mass communication. Modern technology can be introduced by using radio. Special reports are being transmit for modern equipment’s for the interest of listeners. Radio has performed an excellent role to provide agricultural information and education to rural open public.

Radio programs were regarded as very successful, so all other stations broadcast agricultural programmes. Industries have played an important role in financial development of a national country. It was the policy of British Government not to install industries in the Sub-Continent. It used natural material for British sectors. After Partition, different industries were encouraged. Radio did a complete lot of work in this respect. It incited people to. Using this method, cottage industry was developed. Industrial products were advertised and introduced to the people through radio. The purpose was people used to buy local products and the industry become stronger. It is apparent that commercial and agricultural development is the backbone of financial development of country.

When I began 20 years back, we were buying old masters. I stopped investing in old experts about a decade back. And eight years back, we began buying more contemporary artists, such as Christopher Wool and George Condo. Is it true that contemporary art is much more risky than old masters?

No. Actually, right now, the old experts category is quite dangerous. If you take a two-year view, you could lose 20 percent to 50 percent. Though old masters can be a very good long-term investment if you are patient. And some people say the definition of a great investment is that if you have a very, very long-term view, everything will go up.