Business Rules In Soa Suite 11g 2

Business Rules In Soa Suite 11g

With the new sofa collection patch (4 feb) for the developer 11g TP3 release we can test the business rules. The 11g version is a totally different then your 10.1.3 version. The first thing is a lot easier to make business rules and you may expose these rules as web services, which means you can utilize it in other applications.

In 10.1.3 you have a binary or repository used. You now create a service in the BR to expose a particular function or rules. You can also use business rules to make advanced approval routing in the workflow component. The first rung on the ladder is to move the business rule to the amalgamated.xml.

Now you get a wizard to make a new business rule. In my own case I made a simple schema with an element total order amount, which I use as insight and as output boolean element supersize order. As the expose was examined by me as composite service, you can see that a collection creates a webservice. If we open the new BR then we see that a suite has created all facts of the input and output element.

This is performed with jaxb. Spa suite also creates a service that calls the empty created rules. You can include more services based on or functions or other rulesets. To the created the rules we can truly add a new rule. 2000. We can add the comeback value Now. We must select the output component and in the output component we select true. We are prepared with the amalgamated part, now we can go to be where we put in a business rule to the right place in the bill developer. We have to select the created by and the right operation just, in my own case assert facts, implement, and retrieve the result. We also need to assign the output and input adjustable of the bar.

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