THE WAY TO HANDLE Bone Prevent And Loss Osteoporosis 2

THE WAY TO HANDLE Bone Prevent And Loss Osteoporosis

Are you worried about your bones? Unlike the popular belief, did you know more men than women die of osteoporosis? Let this new review enlighten you on how to care for your bone fragments by preventing osteoporosis from ruining your daily life. Osteoporosis has been much the concern of most maturing women.

But a fresh evaluation from Canadian Medical Association Journal exposed that this bone disease is more of a problem of older men than old women. Reviewing more than a dozen of studies, the scientists figured one in eight men are prone to the thinning of the bone fragments. For all those men having this bone-thinning syndrome, these are 40 percent much more likely to die from fracture problems than their woman counterparts with the same bone problems.

In their review, analysts found one culprit causing this problem with men more than women. They discovered that those men who are prone to bone reduction are people that have low testosterone levels. Thus, men must check their testosterone levels. The normal testosterone level is between 300 and 1,000 nanograms per deciliter.

If exams show that you are below this level, which is normal with men above 50 usually, then you need to get some help. Check with your doctor because of this concern. One of the better tips on how to increase testosterone level is to get enough sleep. Having less sleep causes the T levels to plummet. Hence, get some rest and prevent bone loss altogether. Invest your energy and amount of time in a weight-training exercise program while still young to boost your bone mass. Additionally, weight training exercise is known to boost your testosterone levels also.

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We had an enjoyable experience at the Weight Management DPG’s 2012 Symposium in NEVADA. The conference presented some great presentations on: PCOS, Technology and Weight Loss, Metabolic Profiling, Sleep Apnea & Obesity, and so many more. Some strategies which were provided have been implemented in our practice. We are so lucky to be able to incorporate the actual latest research shows for helping our patients lose weight in the very best manner.

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