The Board Of Revenue Consists Of The Four Members

It is the best executive authority of income tax law for the purpose of tax collection this statutory body is appointed by the federal government govt. This board is accountable for the collection of sales tax and wealth tax also. The board of revenue consists of the four members. Addititionally there is full time chairman who is also appointed by the federal government. The panel issues instructions guidelines and purchases for the income tax division. But board cannot interfere the affairs of the income tax appellate tribunals.

For the correct administration of income tax law following powers is given by the financing ministry to the central plank of revenue. Central plank of revenue gets the power to appoint income tax officers at various levels from regional commissioners to tax officers. The central board of income can also appoint the true number of qualified persons as values and fixes their salaries.

The central plank of revenue settings the working of the entire income tax department. It tries to maximize the revenue of the tax department. In addition, it makes attempts to reduce the down sides of the taxes payers. The central board of income is authorities to formulate the rules and instruct the tax officers according of income tax collection.

The central table of revenue assigns the work to commissioners, directors of study and other senior officers. The central table of revenue controls the working of the whole income tax division. It tries to increase the income of the income tax department. It also makes initiatives reduce the down sides of the tax payers. The central board of revenue can transfer an appeal from the appellate assistant commissioner to the commissioner of income tax to look for the jurisdiction of appellate assistant commissioner it can delegate its capacity to the commissioners. For the purpose of tax credit the central plank of income can approve any undertaking to be treated as industrial under taking on the suggestion of the federal govt.

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Central plank of income registers qualified individuals as tax practitioners. It also makes rules for the professionals code of carry out. The central board of revenue can exercise powers in respect of approved gratuity funds and provident funds. The central board of income has the capacity to treat the foreign association as a company for the intended purpose of income tax.

This can be done by the central panel of revenue or general purchases for any assessment year. Central panel of revenue has the capacity to cancel the license of any specialist who is no longer working according the rules. The central table of income can transfer the energy of tax official to a older officer like inspection associate commissioner. The central table of revenue is empowered to consider any period as money in case of anybody or class of individuals.

The central board of revenue has additionally capacity to determine the disputed jurisdiction. For instance if two regional commissioners of income tax aren’t in agreement about the jurisdiction of deputy commissioner of tax to assess anybody for the reason that situation central board of revenue has power to determine the jurisdiction. According of any case or any area the panel can direct those powers conferred upon the deputy commissioner and extra commissioner income tax which is exercised by additional commissioner and commissioner respectively. The central plank of income can authorize any person to steer instruct or assist the deputy commissioner of income tax in case there is any proceeding.