Benefits Of Refinishing And Refurbishing Of Aluminum Wheels 2

Benefits Of Refinishing And Refurbishing Of Aluminum Wheels

Aluminum alloy wheels are strong and contain no iron. The reputation of this wheel is also that they are light and can take higher axle loads. However they aren’t immune to damage from road dust and flying stones that can nick, scratch, or create dents in the wheels. When such problems take place, the wheels can walk out shape extremely slightly resulting in uneven rubber deterioration. Alloy wheels are also expensive and the alternative costs could be very high considering that transportation expenditures are determined to the dollar.

Running a good controlled operation is the main element to increasing profits or lowering costs in a transport business. It does not matter whether it’s a single owner driven rig or a fleet that crisscross the country having America’s goods from the heartland to the coast and from North to South. Instead of changing alloy wheels, the wheels can be refurbished or restored.

The process is called refinishing lightweight aluminum wheels. This technique is the first stage in keeping wheels in pristine condition. As time passes wheels can get damaged to the level that simple refinishing is not enough. The second stage in keeping the wheels in operation is a process called aluminum wheel refurbishment. This technique is much more complex when compared to a simple polishing or refinishing.

This requires knowledge and skill mainly because of the factor called safety. Experts having the required knowledge can make a proper assessment of the health of the wheel and the steps necessary to refurbish it to its original condition. Although technically refurbishment actually shaves off a layer or sometimes layers of lightweight aluminum (and therefore is not termed original condition) the process of refurbishment almost brings the wheel back again to pristine appearance. When the damage is extensive such as cracks near the bolt openings of the lug nuts then it is time for a whole aluminum wheel restoration process. This again requires careful evaluation as the National transportation Board has mandated certain criteria for wheels to move inspection.

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If the standards are not met then it’s time to bid farewell to the wheel. Among the easiest ways to get the full benefit of lightweight aluminum wheels is to get the evaluation done by any garage area or shop that has Vehicle Inspection System equipment. VIS is an Orlando based business that has customized in improving heavy transport vehicle protection. Among the gear is VIS-Shine that has automated the refinishing process, the VIS-Polish system that assesses and refurbishes either incomplete or total as the case maybe. The gear saves time, money and ensures that the advantage of aluminum wheels on a car lasts as specified.

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