Kylie Jenner Sports Head-to-toe Orange Look As She Heads To Sushi 2

Kylie Jenner Sports Head-to-toe Orange Look As She Heads To Sushi

Kylie Jenner is demonstrating that orange is certainly the new black. The 21-year-old stepped out with a friend for dinner on Tuesday after lately following her ex-best friend Jordyn Woods on Instagram. The reality TV star wore an orange top and slacks as her new friend seemed to sports the same look while to grab some sushi. There is certainly nothing better than a slouchy logo T-shirt.

Dress it up with a leather skirt, dress it down with jeans or go co-ordinated with matching tracksuit bottoms like Kylie Jenner. The truth star was spotted out putting on this vivid Adidas tracksuit pants and tee combo, with chunky tennis shoes and snake bag, and we’re becoming environmentally friendly with envy over her laid-back look surprisingly. Naturally, we instantly recognized the brand thanks to their classic logo and signature 3-stripe design, but it’s the loose, oversized style of the T-shirt we’re attracted to the most. 25. Or you will want to peruse the similar styles we’ve curved up below first?

Jenner pulled up to Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills with her bodyguard in tow as she slipped through the back door with her friend. Share 32 shares She wore an orange Adidas t-shirt and matching orange jeans for the occasion. Her hands clutched her snakeskin bag and she sported a set of white tennis shoes and large hoop earrings. Shortly after following her previous friend Woods on Instagram it was announced that she’ll be on the cover of Cosmopolitan UK’s September issue.

In the journal, out August 1, Woods exposed about the scandal including her and Khloe Kardashian’s ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, Tristan Thompson and briefly touched on restoring her relationship with Kylie hopefully. I love her. That’s my home,’ the 21-year-old thought to the magazine. Thinking positive: In the journal, Jordyn Woods exposed about the scandal involving her and Khloe Kardashian’s ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, Tristan Thompson and briefly handled on hopefully restoring her relationship with Kylie. Both friends used to be inseparable. But after the scandal, Woods relocated out of her billionaire bestie’s house and was not on good terms with the family since.

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Khloe has managed to get clear that she wants nothing in connection with her former friend after declaring she actually is ‘the reason my family broke up’ but later got it back on Twitter after fans called her out. Woods said that the internet has been like a ‘tumor’ to her and she’s been distancing herself from the scandal and concentrating on herself. Recently, she was made by her acting debut with an episode of Grown-ish.

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