Tim Joyce, John Pickhaver Lead Australia's Biggest Investment Banking Team 2

Tim Joyce, John Pickhaver Lead Australia’s Biggest Investment Banking Team

Each got spent several decade at Macquarie but they mostly worked in various offices and specialised in different fields. One was the bank’s head of industrials coverage located in Melbourne specialising in public areas markets M&A and capital markets transactions, advising detailed companies like Wesfarmers, Boral and Telstra. The other, who joined Macquarie’s Sydney office from London, advised governments and financiers on infrastructure projects and listed companies including AGL Energy and Origin Energy as the bank’s head of utilities and infrastructure. That they had never collectively done a deal.

But Joyce and Pickhaver were cut from the same fabric. Both were blooded in the Macquarie way, believed in the Macquarie culture and can speak at length about lately departed CEO Moore and his positive effect on their careers, or their respect for new CEO Shemara Wikramanayake. They look also, speak and work like Macquarie bankers.

If you put them in an area with a dozen rivals, it might be easy to spot the two that worked well for Macquarie. Their suits would be well cut however, not the sharpest in the area, and they would look less sparkly than their Wall Street-employed rivals. 2 yrs on, year and with the lender coming off a active, they’re securely at the helm of the country’s biggest investment banking team. It’s a occupied, lucrative and prestigious role. 1 million a year thanks to a generous equity profit-sharing agreement.

For Joyce and Pickhaver, much has transformed before two years. They speak at least twice a day, know each other’s households, and sit down side-by-side in a little meeting room office whenever they’re in the same city. The pair got over from Robin Bishop, who left Macquarie in December 2016 and co-founded an exclusive equity firm BGH Capital. So when Macquarie Capital global boss Tim Bishop tapped them to for the role, they quickly found that they had one important things in common.

Success, in their view, is being involved with every significant and big transaction. It is coming up with ideas, taking them to clients, managing risk & most importantly perhaps, getting deals done. Pickhaver, the 41-yr old infrastructure and utilities banker, reckons their method of management and work can be summed up in three words. And they are the same three words that Moore laid down for the wider Macquarie Group; opportunity, accountability, integrity.

Pickhaver and Joyce mainly work out of Macquarie’s offices in Sydney and Melbourne, respectively. It sounds simple. In reality, every deal can bring significant risk for Macquarie Capital, its reputation and frequently its balance sheet. Joyce and Pickhaver both say former Macquarie Group CEO Nicholas Moore had a big influence on the careers.

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Joyce and Pickhaver also retain their long-term clients. It’s the Macquarie way that just because a banker is marketed to a management position, he or she does not give up their core responsibility of advising clients. It is being involved with these kinds of deals that they say defines success.

Each was different and brought its complexity. And, importantly for Macquarie Capital, being involved shores up its position in the bank’s market. Being Australian-based has huge advantages for Macquarie Capital, including a huge team, strong corporate contacts borne by the bank’s history and easy access to inner decision manufacturers.