My satisfying retirement is settling into an end-of-summer slower regimen. We have completed moving my dad into his helped living apartment. My little girl, day weekend which will take some help from us son-in-law and grandkids move into their new home over Labor, but no big deal. They have several friends to help.

Betty and I are starting to get arranged for our first ever RV trip in just a little over a week. We will grab the RV in Flagstaff and spend 9 times in the much cooler White Mountains, while Bailey your dog stays house with our other child. Having just a little extra time to think, I came up with an idea because of this post that sounded like fun.

I asked myself, what are three big risks or life changes I could take in the near future. The answers had to be useful and possible; swimming over the English Channel was right out. I wanted to think of three things I could do that would really shake up my routine and life.

Live within an RV for part of every year while traveling the country. Of course, if our amount of time in Flagstaff isn’t terribly exciting then this will drop from my list. But, in idea, what would my life be like easily was on the highway for part of each calendar year?

What would it not be like to visit back roads, halting in a small town or condition parks for times or weeks at a right time? Would we miss the familiarity of home, friends, family, and our day to day schedule? Or would we find the doubt of what’s around another corner exciting and liberating? Betty and I have discussed this very thing and think we’d like to try it for awhile.

We listen to the tales that friends like Bill and Wendy Birnbaum reveal of their two-month coast-to-coast trip in their RV. Tamara and Mike live in their RV for weeks at a time, that both are retired now and love it. A couple I understand lived full time in theirs for years.

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Build a real business throughout the Satisfying Retirement brand. Blogging to me is about fun and creativeness mostly. More than two years after starting all this I enjoy the procedure still, though I am giving some thought to taking a blogging sabbatical at some true point down the road. Satisfying Retirement is a phrase that this blog now “owns”. A Google search will guide back to this blog almost solely. However I have not done much to turn that brand strength into income.

Should I spend a few of our cost savings in marketing, product development, and speaking preparations? Would it not be smart to risk a few of my pension money to capitalize on the blog’s status? What would happen easily decided to convert gratifying retirement into a business? Am I ready to take on the full-time commitment necessary to build a new business?

If I did, my life would change in lots of ways. Head to college to get a sophisticated level back. I like to read and study. I thoroughly enjoy being around a college campus. I have toyed with the idea of going back to school to obtain a master’s degree. What has stopped me are two major factors: cost and time.

The expenses would be considerable. With this close-to-the-vest style of retirement the money outlay would have a major bite out of our savings without expectation of getting that cash back. I’d get a degree for the genuine pleasure of the study and the satisfaction of achieving the target. There is also the question of what would I want to study? The only subject that has popped into my head many times over the last few years is something involving religious studies or attending a seminary.