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It enables visitors to set up a blog, and even a complete website within minutes. I get asked for specific SEO methods for WordPress very often. All of the ‘usual’ SEO stuff is also relevant for WordPress Basically. But besides that, there are a few special methods for WordPress I’d like to share with you. Be sure to use Permalinks on your blog. By default WordPress uses web URLs that have question plenty and marks of figures in them. These links might be hard to spider for search engines and your posts might not be indexed as and as thoroughly as you want to fast.

However, WordPress offers you the capability to develop a custom Web address framework for your archives and permalinks. You’ll find this option in your Admin panel. Choose ‘Options’ in the menu and there ‘Permalinks’. In the section you can choose the ‘Date and name based’ option. This will place the year, month, post, and day title in your Link. For SEO purposes it’s better to have your post title in advance. Tags are a great SEO addition to your blog.

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  • Setup a content management system (ie, WordPress – your organizer)

They enable search engines to crawl your website more easily and create specific webpages for your tags/keywords. You can install the Ultimate Tag Warrior plug-in on your WordPress blog. Make sure you add good titles to your webpages. We discussed placing the post name up front in your URL. You should do a similar thing for your game titles. Your post-game titles should be as clear as you can and highly relevant to your post directly. Don’t stuff your titles with keywords targeting your whole blog. Choose your keywords carefully per post, you need to include those words in your post title.

Cross connect to your own posts and pages. Do this by linking your keywords to the relevant postings. To simplify this, you can set up the SH-Autolink plug-in. Devote links to related posts. This helps me’s crawl your site and may make your visitors stay a little longer even.

You can get a plug-in because of this here. Every right time you post or edit a post or page, your WordPress blog can inform relevant sites that you have updated your blog. Be sure to utilize this feature! Writing. A list can be found by you of sites to ping on the WordPress site.

Google has an instrument for website owners called Google Sitemaps. This will help Google index your website, and let you tell Google which webpages are the most important. If you utilize this feature, you will be able to recognize the queries that brought up your site in results. You should use this plug-in to create a site-map for your WordPress blog automatically.

Categories help you organize your articles. When you have permalinks to turn, you can make the category brands come in your URLs. This is also why it is very important to name your categories carefully. Use relevant and search engine friendly keywords. WordPress enables you to make use of subcategories, sub-subcategories etc. etc. In this way you can focus on more narrow keyword phrases.