Peaches & Cream Translucent Setting Powder Review! 2

Peaches & Cream Translucent Setting Powder Review!

Welcome, everyone, to my first ever review on this blog! I am so excited about beginning to talk about my makeup views and appears with you all and I’ve so many ideas for The Musings OF THE Makeup Enthusiast! Thank you so much for giving this blog a chance, whether you found me on Twitter or Instagram or simply so happened to stumble upon this page! Now, before I continue my ramblings about how exactly blessed I am to have people take a curiosity about me and never cease them, lets get started.

This is kiiiind of nerve wrecking, so I am sorry if I suck at writing or offend with an opinion different to yours or anything like this whatsoever. I am no expert in the areas of cosmetics, they are just my opinions on the product. So, Peaches & Cream are a brandname based in the UK (hi fellow Brits!) that has popped up around my newsfeed for quite a while.

I have been dying to try their makeup products for some time so when I saw the translucent environment powder on beauty bay with several great reviews I thought, why the hell not! No, I am by no means sponsored by them or associated, but damn. On Saturday and they came Sunday morning on free delivery I purchased my products! I acquired peaches and cream powder, a more gel liner and a more brush all for under £20, that was awesome. Granted, my gel liner has been sent in a different package deal, day but two of my products were at my door being agreed upon for another.

The compact came in a plain brown cardboard box and it was completely bubble wrapped for protection. This setting powder came in a pretty pink small with windows so you could see it in all it’s glory. It had been a good size for the price and fit beautifully in the hand of my hand.

  1. Removal of keratinized cells allows maximal absorption of skin care products
  2. 8 years back by Ingrid de Klerck
  3. Katharine Hepburn
  4. A great and better option to spa and dermatologists

Apologies for the camera quality, as I cannot find my connection cable connection for my DSLR! AFTER I applied the product on a friend last night, The product was utilized by me to bake her face. I haven’t been baking for long but I think it is does work for setting concealer well! Today was just a full-face powder I applied the product to myself, the morning before the difficult times work in. It made my face feel smooth and silky though it didn’t quite get rid of the shine of my somewhat oily Match Perfection foundation. There wasn’t much fallout, and I used a real techniques powder clean that got just been washed and dried out.

It didn’t modify the color of my foundation at all and arranged my makeup quite perfectly for a natural look. When you come home after a long day and realize your makeup is loooong gone. Overall, I really do like this product a lot. I was a little disappointed with the amount of product I managed to get on the brush but again, I think picking right up product works so far better with a beauty blender and it may be perfect for you.