EQUIPMENT FROM THE Doncaster Games That We Can't Afford 2

EQUIPMENT FROM THE Doncaster Games That We Can’t Afford

I concur that Parker gave all he could, and devote a good change, but unfortunately his legs appear to be full of drinking water as at the slightest opportunity he dropped over declaring a foul that never was. If Igor can restore his fitness then play him but I wonder whether he’ll be sufficiently fit enough to last the entire 90 minutes? We might need to have Josh start the overall game with Igor coming from the bench if needed. Someone has to pay in advance with Taylor unless Lee reverts to 1 striker only.

2. For me Taylor must be fully on message on Sunday as sometimes Personally I think he’s easily wound up and gets pissed off when things don’t go his way (not getting free kicks etc). He’s a tremendous player and it’s essential he’s at the top form in a few days. On Friday The cross for Pratley’s goal was a great contribution.

3. We need a more powerful bench on Sunday. We lacked an “impact” player on Friday, someone who could come from the bench and change things significantly. And at the chance of contradicting myself, Pratley do by credit scoring and Sols also by storing the first penalty and Williams also made a difference.

But after they were on apart from the goalkeeper all we’d been JFC, Lapslie, and Pearce. If the overall game goes to more time a fourth substitute can be utilized something Doncaster took advantage of but Charlton didn’t. Was this a sign that the JFC isn’t fit enough yet and that Bob didn’t think George could add much to the combine?

Maybe there have been other considerations, such as potential penalty takers. I understand there’s been much debate about the following but wouldn’t it be easier to have either Fosu or Marshall or Reeves on the bench to include a qualification of experience? 4. Play without dread. NB: some of the above has been written with tongue strongly in cheek.

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