I Invested In AdultVest With Francis Koenig. Here's What Really Happened.. 2

I Invested In AdultVest With Francis Koenig. Here’s What Really Happened..

I happened to meet Francis Koenig socially years and become interested in the company he had created ago. I happened to meet Francis Koenig socially years back and become interested in the company he had created. Personally, I got to know him, followed his career, and became a trader in his finance.

This is my story. Just 10 a few months after winning the Institutional Investor’s 2008 “Hedge Fund Launch of the entire year” Award, the winning firm and its creator were publicly accused of fraud — It never proved to be true. As an investor in the finance, knowing Koenig personally, and having met several of the employees and other investors, I put a firsthand perspective on what occurred.

I also experienced a chance to review the company communications, email messages, documents, financial, and held detailed documentation, so what I’m about to tell you is based on reality — not fiction, like the majority of the other articles I’ve read. Over a year for the SEC to complete their analysis and exonerate Koenig It took well, however the damage experienced already been done. You can’t un-ring the bell. Koenig is a courageous business man with only the best intentions.

This time he (and we) got the brief end the stay. The ongoing company was sold, money was lost, and reputations were broken. After reflecting on everything that occurred back, it much comes down to a misquote within an interview quite, and one investor who got captured cheating on his wife and began to tell lies to get his cash back. I’m writing the story plot now, years later, because nobody knows the truth, and everything that’s still going swimming in cyberspace is riddled with lies and false speculation.

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What Happened to Hedge Fund of the entire year? The snowball started moving downhill when Koenig was misquoted within an article titled “Dirty Sexy Money” released in the Atlantic – a little financial newspaper. The article stated that the Priapus Investment Fund delivered a 50% goes back to traders during one of the most severe market collapses in history. There is instant skepticism and out lash from the press and people familiar with the account.

Accusations were flying. Nobody was aware Koenig published the Atlantic the day he learned of the misquote to request a modification and a re-print. I received all communications and never received anything that stated the finance I committed to ship a 50% come back. Koenig does send a notice notifying traders, the account would be raising an additional circular at a 50% higher price per unit.