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I was present for the night time reception on my weekday stay. At nighttime reception before I came on Weekend night I really do not think there was, although I did not check the calendar published on the refrigerator to verify this. In hindsight, I wished I had fashioned taken an image of it, on the night time of my second stay so that I’d have known what was heading to be served.

I didn’t try many of the foods that night since I had developed had a past-due lunch. The items I did try were good quality. Even the red wine was much better than I have at hotels like this often. It had been sweeter than I prefer somewhat; however, it had not been too bad still.

White wine, beverage, lemonade, and espresso were also available. I think that soda pop too was available, although I am not 100% certain of the. Food items included fresh tossed salad, egg rolls, some type or kind of sesame Asian chicken with rice, and brownies. I used to be gone before breakfast time following the second evening which I stayed in this hotel, morning and I do not remember all of the foods the first.

I do remember that I had oatmeal that morning hours. Everything in the business center is at good working condition, and I did so not have a trouble printing a couple of documents. This hotel is significantly less than one mile from the airport terminal, and it only got the shuttle a couple of minutes to make it happen after I called after I arrived.

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The airport is not so big, so the shuttle just pulls up alongside the curb outside baggage state with the other vehicles. When I departed, the front desk agent explained I did not need to join up for the shuttle when I asked the day before. She told me to just call down a few moments before I had a need to leave. I did that another morning, and the front desk agent explained that the driver had opted to Wal-Mart and wouldn’t normally be for 10 or a quarter-hour back again! I was at first somewhat worried, although everything worked out okay. The driver was back 10 minutes, and I arrived at the airport in plenty of time.

I can not say enough good stuff about this hotel. I’d definitely again stay here. Everything in the hotel was good quality. Every worker I spoke with was professional and helpful. The service was even more impressive when I dined at close by Cosimo’s on Union and didn’t receive good service. I have found that service encounters are relative to the area sometimes, rather than the kind of business, and that had not been the full case this time. The meals at Cosimo’s was good quality, and the flavor was excellent. The Sea food was had by me Fra Diavolo with whole wheat grains pasta, which I would definitely order again. The service had not been something I complained to the manager about; however, by the end of my meal, it added up.